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Packing for Mars
“America’s funniest science writer” (Washington Post) returns to explore the irresistibly strange..
  ?m pushing aside   the memory of my nightmare,   pushing a..
Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained
Paradise Lost and Regained by John Milton Contained in this volume are two great works by ..
Peter Pan
  Peter Pan is a character created by Scottish novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie. A m..
Phantom Stallion #10 Red Feather Filly
Already beloved by horse lovers all over the world, the tales of the Phantom Stallion are as capt..
Phantom Stallion #12 Rain Dance
The Phantom Stallion's new foal is ready to be born, and River Bend Ranch's own Dark Sunshine is ..
Phantom Stallion #14 Moonrise
Samantha's latest adventure with her mustang friend, the phantom stallion, in the wildly popular ..
Phantom Stallion #15 Kidnapped Colt
The wildly popular series continues with more adventures of Samantha and her mustang, the Phantom..
Phantom Stallion #16 The Wildest Heart
More adventures in the popular series about Samantha and her mustang, the Phantom Stallion! A..
Phantom Stallion #20 Blue Wings
The wildly popular series continues with a new adventure and an all–new cover design! Summer ..
Phantom Stallion #21 Dawn Runner
Samantha's friend Ryan wants to recapture his lost horse, Hotspot, who has been running free with..
Phantom Stallion #23 Gypsy Gold
Samantha and Jen are out camping when they meet Nicholas, a boy traveling cross–country on a beau..
Phantom Stallion #3 Dark Sunshine
The classic theme of a girl and her horse is set against a backdrop of mustangs, tumbleweeds, and..
Phantom Stallion #5 Free Again
For the Phantom, there is only one girl.For Sam, there is only one horse. When Sam finds a home f..
Phantom Stallion #7 Desert Dancer
As Samantha adjusts to having a new step–mother, she must help the Phantom find his missing lead ..

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