Affirmations for Money and Wealth Attraction

Affirmations for Money and Wealth Attraction
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Words have power. What you say about money is causing it to flow to you OR to flow away from you. Money is spiritual and is also fluid. It can be attracted to us or repelled from us. The thoughts and intents of the heart and the mind need to be aligned so our good can come to us without hindrance. You create your world. You create your world with your words.

Angela Wilde was in sales for years but had been brought up with negative money programming. She realized her mind needed to be changed and reprogrammed. Eventually Angela discovered that affirmations are a fast track to success. Angela found that when she changed her words to positive and her thoughts to positive and saw herself as she would like to be, her actions too, changed. Angela Wilde found that the spoken word has power. She also discovered that affirmations needed to be said in the right way or could do more harm than good. In Affirmations for Money and Wealth Attraction, Angela shares these secrets with you.

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