Keeping Freshwater And Saltwater Home Aquarium Tanks

Keeping Freshwater And Saltwater Home Aquarium Tanks
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If you’re planning on starting a freshwater fish tank or a saltwater aquarium, it will be much more rewarding in the long run if you have a better understanding beforehand of what is involved with creating a stable and healthy environment for your fish. Each environment has its own unique criterion, including ongoing costs, everyday maintenance, and related fish care requirements.

Not everything about fish is as intuitive as an inexperienced hobbyist may think.  For example, it may not be obvious to everyone that you shouldn’t keep big fish in a small tank, or that small fish probably won’t fair well with larger more aggressive stock. As for general maintenance and setup, there are some essential steps that must be observed before your fish are ever introduced to their new home.

In this book you will learn all about aquarium setup for both freshwater and saltwater fish. Some specifics include:

·         Freshwater vs saltwater             
·         Size of the aquarium             
·         Capacity of the aquarium             
·         Tank filtration             
·         Cycling the aquarium
·         Water maintenance                            
·         Adding fish           
·         Caring for your fish           
·         Maintenance schedule

Keeping a fish tank, either freshwater or saltwater, requires commitment and a bit of hard work. But if the commitment to creating and maintaining either type of system isn’t daunting enough to keep you away, you’ll be rewarded by your efforts from the moment your fish are introduced to your tank!

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