Daddy Was My First (Pseudo-Incest Erotica)

Daddy Was My First (Pseudo-Incest Erotica)
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WARNING this book contains scenes depicting hot and steamy hardcore, explicit sex acts. People with heart conditions or those reading in public should proceed with caution. This book is intended for ADULTS ONLY.
Megan is home from college, only just having turned 18. She has an innocent fa?ade, but just beneath the surface, a wanton sex kitten is waiting to be unleashed!
Megan slid her hand downward, gently grazing his thigh. Soon, she moved up from his thigh across his crotch, teasing it with the tips of her fingers. She could feel the ridge of the head of his cock beneath the thin cotton of his boxers. She wrapped her hand around his shaft, squeezing. It jumped in her hand, flexing against his boxers, begging to be let free.


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