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Jeneration X: One Reluctant Adult's Attempt to Unarrest Her Arrested Development; Or, Why It's Never Too Late for Her Dumb Ass to Learn Why Froot Loops Are Not for Dinner
In Such a Pretty Fat, Jen Lancaster learned how to come to terms with her body. In My Fair Lazy, ..
Jenni Rivera
Como una estrella resplandeciente y fugaz, Jenni Rivera iluminó la vida de millones de personas, ..
Keeping Faith
One of America's most powerful and thought-provoking novelists, New York Times bestselling author..
Saturday night dates at the skating rink have been a tradition in the small southern town of Hear..
Kisses from Katie
What would cause an eighteen-year-old old senior class president and homecoming queen from Nashvi..
Kitchen Confidential
Kitchen Confidential reveals what Bourdain calls "twenty-five years of sex, drugs, bad behavior a..
La alegría muda de Mario
Mario tiene casi tres a?os y apenas habla. Sin embargo, es cari?oso y se comunica a su manera con..
Lady Blue Eyes My Life with Frank
Thirty years after she first heard his voice singing on the jukebox at her local drive-in, Barbar..
Last Night at Chateau Marmont
Brooke loved reading the dishy celebrity gossip rag Last Night. That is, until her marriage becam..
Legacy: A Novel - A Novel
BONUS: This edition contains an excerpt from Danielle Steel's Hotel Vendome. This compelling, cen..
Les Misérables (usually pron.: /le? ?m?z??rɑ?b/; French pronunciation: ?[le mize?abl(?)]) is a Fr..
Let’s Take the Long Way Home A Memoir of Friendship
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER   They met over their dogs. Gail Caldwell and Caroline Kna..
As lead guitarist of the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards created the riffs, the lyrics, and the so..
Live Wire
Meet Captain Jordan Malone. For years he has been a silent warrior and guardian, operating indepe..
Lost in Shangri-La
Hilton?s bestselling novel Lost Horizon, this Shangri-La was home to spear-carrying tribesmen, wa..

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